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    The concept behind trove is simple: efficient control of your business data.

    trove is structured to provide the maximum volume of analyzable data with the fewest raw data entries. Our dealings in business are social – we buy each others’ goods and services, we invest in each others’ businesses, and we talk to each other.

    By entering data once and then sharing it we can lower the cost of data access for everyone, improve its analytical value through standardisation, and improve data integrity.

    Within trove data is structured essentially in one of two ways: static data or transactions. Static data is taken at a point in time. For example, the number of safety incidents in your workplace. Collecting these allows us to build you time series that can be used in analysis at a company, portfolio, or market level.

    The second model is transactions. Every time you give or take something to or from some one else it’s a transaction. Buying a product is actually two transactions: you providing money, and you receiving the product. Investing in a company may be three transactions: issuing shares, transferring shares, and receiving money for those shares.



    Anyone can use trove. A small company CFO that needs to provide regular reports to the family owners. A pension fund investment manager that wants to analyse private markets exposures on a look-through basis. A charity providing visibility to donors as to how their money has been used. Or even just as a way for you to keep better track of your money.

    We’re early in our journey and we’ve got a long list of features and modules to add, so stay tuned.


    Use our contact form to let us know if you have any ideas, questions, or comments. We'll get back to with more information.